6 AesirX DMA Benefits for Enterprise-level Businesses

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6 AesirX DMA Benefits for Enterprise-level Businesses

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6 AesirX DMA Benefits for Enterprise-level Businesses

Marketing automation frees marketers from monotonous work and helps firms pump up earnings, automatically. Leading brands are aware of this and take advantage of it. In fact, 75 percent of marketers use at least one type of marketing automation tool to boost revenue.

AesirX DMA is an all-in-one enterprise-level Digital Marketing Automation tool that allows you to completely run all your marketing efforts from one place. It connects and integrates the marketing department with any other integrative channel including web,  email, social media, e-commerce channels, DXP (digital experience platform), publishing platforms, and advertising channels.

But how does AesirX DMA help you make more money for your enterprise-level business? To understand the connection, we will look at 6 revenue-boosting benefits of AesirX DMA.

  1. Save time - boost ROI on staff costs

Blog_4_img_1.pngAesirX DMA  increases the ROI on staff spending

Marketing automation eliminates the need for employees to do repetitive marketing tasks, so with AesirX DMA, you can save on a huge amount of work hours when creating and publishing high-quality content marketing.

This enables you to simplify your workforce who are now free to concentrate on high-impact projects, i.e the best staff working on the type of projects that add the greatest value to your company. This means reduced staff expenses and an improved ROI on your investment in hiring them.

  1. Improve the customer experience

One significant advantage of AesirX DMA is that it allows you to provide a better experience to your clients.

Being able to centralize all your customer-facing channels such as your apps, tools, and data together on one platform has a positive effect on how you provide customer service. Better organization, streamlined activities, heightened communication, and more efficient workflows all equate to a better customer experience long term.

  1. Dynamically scale your business

Blog_4_img_2.pngExpand marketing efforts with AesirX DMA

Another advantage of AesirX DMA is that it allows you to expand and scope your marketing initiatives. It should go without saying that automating email campaigns is more efficient than manually developing and sending them.

Automation allows your campaigns to scale beyond the size of your team. You can construct a full campaign series to enhance income at each step of the buying cycle.

AesirX DMA currently has 21+ channels (social media, mail, CMS, DXP, e-commerce, ads) with many more coming over the next few quarters. Check out the AesirX DMA Roadmap for details.

  1. Compliant custom solutions

AesirX DMA is customizable to any channel and fully GDPR compliant. It is designed with privacy in mind as well as having local and global compliant data storage options (enterprise edition).

GDPR and Marketing Automation go hand in hand. Best practice inbound marketing, driven by AesirX DMA, naturally respects individual rights while nurturing leads with improved conversion and enhanced value.

  1. Free open-source PWA

Blog_4_img_3.pngGet Free social media automation with AesirX DMA

AesirX DMA has a Free Open Source PWA (progressive web app) frontend that is fully customizable with delivered automation backend services.

That means AesirX DMA includes Free social media automation - currently 9 channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Zalo, Discord, Telegram, FB Groups) with unlimited profiles.

  1. Cost-effective tools

You can save massively on digital marketing expenses through customized channel integrations and automation with AesirX DMA. Not only do you get Free Open Source Software options as mentioned above, but AesirX DMA is more cost-effective than any other enterprise-level DMA platform on the market. Try comparing with other popular Digital marketing Automation tools: AesirX DMA Vs. HubSpot Vs. Marketo or find out about AesirX DMA Vs Hootsuite Compared: Which is Better?

  1. What’s not to love about AesirX DMA!

You get complete end-to-end service with AesirX DMA, delivered to you as a fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS), including hosting, management, service, and 24/7 Support (enterprise edition). Save time that would normally be spent on planning and posting, and enjoy creating better content instead.

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