9 Marketing Automation benefits that power campaigns

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9 Marketing Automation benefits that power campaigns

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9 Marketing Automation benefits that power campaigns

When it comes to marketing automation, human experience and understanding are irreplaceable, yet automation can provide numerous benefits to businesses and be used to power campaigns. By automating internet marketing using software and solutions that assist with specific aspects of the marketing process, you can reduce the time spent on it while improving total ROI.

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Marketing automation is the process of employing software to automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as scheduling content and posting to social media channels. These jobs might take anything from minutes to hours to do separately, while automated software can complete tasks in seconds and also save the data.

Popular automation solutions include Hootsuite, Hubspot, Marketo, and AesirX DMA (digital marketing automation). Some automate only one part of marketing, such as email or social media, whilst others can manage many marketing channels from a single platform.

Regardless of individual software functions, marketing automation brings plenty of benefits: Here are just 9 marketing automation benefits that power campaigns.

  1. Connected marketing channels

A DMA (digital marketing automation) connects and integrates your marketing department with the channels needed to perform marketing tasks. For example, customer-facing channels could include your business's website, email, social media channels, e-commerce, and publishing platforms. Plus, any existing systems or solutions, like a content management system (CMS), digital experience platform (DXP), digital asset management (DAM), customer relationship management (CRM), or enterprise resource planning (ERP). Essentially, a decent DMA should have the flexibility to sync with any existing (integrative) systems your business relies on and be updated regularly to include new channels and software required to power campaigns.

  1. Refined marketing process

Software used for marketing automation allows you to view marketing activities (such as projects and campaigns) in a structured format. This therefore allows you to review and refine any tasks or practices, eliminate “waste”, continually improve operations, and enhance campaign productivity as a gradual and methodical process. Small incremental changes can have a significant impact on growth and the bottom line over time.

  1. Time-saving

Marketing automation eliminates the need for employees to do repetitive marketing tasks;  a DMA tool’s main raison d'etre is to save time when planning and posting high-quality content marketing projects and campaigns. This huge saving of work hours enables a business to simplify its workforce which is freed up to concentrate on high-impact projects. Marketing automation also liberates your team from the monotony of campaign execution giving them more room and time to be innovative, plan strategically, and deliver more.

  1. Reduced costs

DMA Software not only saves time but also gives much-needed tools to do more. Marketing automation technologies are a dependable alternative for extending resources and doing more with less. Using the correct marketing automation software, such as AesirXDMA, one person can do what five people might do manually.

  1. Increased ROI

Aside from cost savings, another advantage of implementing marketing automation software is increased income. Combining campaign management with post-scheduling can boost the ROI of your marketing initiatives.

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  1. Data organization

Some marketing automation software solutions provide internal cloud storage, while others address data storage through partnerships and integration of a DAM (digital asset management) platform. Either way, this feature makes things a lot easier when managing campaigns. Once organized, having your virtual assets, such as logos, graphics, and copy in one place will save time and assure ease of access. Companies can also more successfully reuse campaign content if they have rapid and easy access to their digital assets.

  1. Optimized staff experience

While enhanced efficiency and income are often the primary selling points for automation, there is also much to be said about its competitive edge in providing a better work environment for staff. In the past, automation was thought of as an adversary - the concern was that automation would eliminate thousands of jobs in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In actuality, the bulk of the automation industry does not seek to replace people at all; rather, it seeks to maximize their performance, assisting them in performing their duties more effectively. Having an all-in-one marketing automation platform with channels and tools in one place helps to make the staff experience more straightforward and more manageable.

  1. Better team communication

Teams must interact with one another if they want to maintain consistency across several digital mediums. This involves exchanging information and data, as well as communicating with one another on a regular basis, in order to strengthen particular marketing channels and your company's overall marketing. If they do not communicate properly, it may have a detrimental influence on your business. Automation tools have a hand in supporting communication between teams - every team member should have easy access to all important information and be able to discuss what's going on in the business, it offers a single communication channel to unify teams, and projects are managed more efficiently. 

  1. Business scalability

It is critical to consider scale while developing marketing campaigns. Another advantage of marketing automation is that it allows you to expand and scope your marketing initiatives. What level will they reach, and will the process scale with your business? It should, otherwise it will be difficult for your firm to grow if it is not scalable. Marketing automation helps develop scalable operations. The more manual a process is and the more it is dependent on a single individual, the more difficult it will be to expand as the team increases. Automation makes your campaigns scalable beyond the limits of your team size.

Blog_9_img_3.pngAesirX DMA gives you free social media automation

Automations enable business marketers to develop campaigns to beat the competition, and the technologies assist organizations in providing more consistent, individualized experiences to all sorts of leads.

Digital marketing automation solutions have a significant influence on current marketers. Their automation and attribution capabilities level the playing field, allowing marketers to sit at the same table as sales, product, operations, and other business departments.

With AesirX DMA platform you can fully integrate all your marketing channels (web, email, social media, etc.) with any other integrative channel, like your work’s intranet. Each package is inclusive of different tools depending on your business needs and you get social media automation software for free, always. That’s currently 9 channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Zalo, Discord, Telegram, FB Groups) with unlimited profiles.

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