AesirX DMA Vs. HubSpot Vs. Marketo

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We compare AesirX DMA with HubSpot and Marketo - the most popular Digital Marketing Automation (DMA) Tools & Platforms.

When it comes to digital marketing automation tools, choosing between digital marketing automation (DMA) platforms and software requires a lot more subtlety and nuance than just buying the first all-in-one tool that pops into your head. With that in mind, choosing the right DMA software for your team often comes down to understanding your needs and comparing what’s on offer.

Blog 3 img coverAesirX DMA Vs. HubSpot Vs. Marketo 

When to get DMA

DMA (Digital Marketing Automation) software is used to automate time-consuming marketing tasks including social media posts, ad campaigns, and email marketing.

Most organizations today purchase a DMA tool without first considering if they truly require it. Marketing automation may appear to be a logical step toward growing your marketing operation, but you must first have a proper marketing operation and plan.

As a general rule, if you answer ‘Yes’ to two or more of these statements, then it’s time to get a DMA platform:

  • Your marketing team consists of at least one person whose sole role is marketing.
  • You use at least one marketing channel and it works well for you.
  • All of your marketing activities are guided by a clear strategy.
  • Your marketing team is cash-rich but time-poor.
  • You have begun a growth marketing plan.

Next, analyze where your demands and use case resides (for example, you need an all-in-one tool, a social media tool, email marketing automation, etc.) and then identify your use case for a DMA platform, and start comparing. 

AesirX DMA


  1. ‘Community’ $0 
  2. ‘Starter’ $49 
  3. ‘Team’ $99 
  4. ‘Growth’ $249
  5. ‘Enterprise’ $1,000

AesirX DMA is an all-in-one tool that fully connects and integrates the marketing department with any other integrative channel. Its connected marketing automation modules include web, social media, DXP (digital experience platform), email, publishing channels (such as Medium and Tumblr), e-commerce channels, advertising channels, and all without having to pay more for additional software - i.e. each package is inclusive of different tools depending on your business needs.

What’s incredible about AesirX DMA is you get social media automation for free - currently 9 channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Zalo, Discord, Telegram, FB Groups) with unlimited profiles. Usually, free platforms come with extremely basic functionality such as only a few channels.

Blog 3 img 2AesirX DMA features and pricing

Users can also choose to upgrade or add on any chosen custom channels, like your work’s Intranet, CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (Enterprise resource planning), Apps, or API (application programming interface software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other).

So, while AesirX DMA is well designed and perfect for enterprise-level organizations, it’s also great for anyone who wants to automate social media marketing, even single users.



  1. ‘Starter’ $45
  2. ‘Professional’ $800
  3. ‘Enterprise’ $3,200

HubSpot is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) CRM (customer relationship management) software tool offering ‘Marketing Hub’ as their DMA marketing product. It focuses on inbound marketing by including a certain amount of marketing contacts per plan.

Users can upgrade to different marketing packages and also add on other software integrations such as Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub at an extra cost.

Blog 3 img 3Marketing Hub’s 3 packages

Hubspot offers a little of everything, but it doesn’t do one thing at a deep level. There are some free tools with limited features which is a good way to explore the platform and see if it suits your business needs, however, upgrading and adding on extras can get costly.



  1. Starts from $895 with 4 plans to choose from (‘Select’, ‘Prime’, ‘Ultimate’, ‘Enterprise’)

Marketo Engage (by Adobe) is a cloud-based marketing automation tool that helps businesses manage and track their client connections. Marketo’s marketing automation system is broken down into different modules covering:- lead nurturing, email marketing, consumer marketing, customer base marketing, and mobile marketing.

These modules can be purchased individually, bundled, or purchased together in an integrated platform. Marketo does not include specific pricing information publicly (other sources report Marketo costs from around $895 per month) and doesn’t offer a free version, which is frustrating when trying to make a comparison. They primarily make marketing automation tools for enterprise and B2B clients which is reflected in their heavy pricing which is primarily based on the number of contacts in a marketing database, not usage.  

Blog 3 img 4Marketo’s ‘packaging’

DMA Comparison Table

AesirX DMA Vs. Hubspot Vs. Marketo

Blog 3 img 1

6. Conclusion

There’s no denying that all three tools are powerful and have different functionality. If you’re looking to grow a business and bring more visitors to your site using any kind of social media marketing, then you will be better served by AesirX DMA. All three are good for enterprise-level organizations with AesirX DMA being the most cost effective, but for smaller firms, try AesirX DMA or HubSpot’s free or basic package to start with then  

decide which extras your organization needs, and how much you’re willing to pay for them - compared to other companies, you get a lot more for your money with AesirX DMA. 

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