Time to say goodbye to pay-for SoMe Automation

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We all know the benefits of going social.

Social media marketing isn’t about shouting your message and hoping that someone, somewhere, is actually listening… It’s a strategy of delivering the right message, in the right channel, to the right user at the right time.

In today's post-pandemic climate, no organization will ever go back to only non-digital client sales or communication. Martech is no longer just about increasing productivity or improving insights. In most circumstances, it is the only way to reach consumers and establish a meaningful relationship with them.

So, with a statement like that, why are we about to see the beginning of the end of social media automation companies?

Blog 1 img coverDevelop meaningful customer relationships with AesirX Digital Marketing Automation

Don’t pay for Digital Marketing Automation solutions

Automation can be key to this by streamlining workflows and dealing with repeated operations, which can take a long time. When it comes to marketing, having a well-functioning Martech Stack is critical.

Marketing teams, on the other hand, have been trying for years to conform to their shifting duties as a result of digital transformation. To the ever-changing marketplace, add a worldwide epidemic, layoffs, and budget cuts. How much money – and how many more people – will be removed from marketing teams in the coming years?

So when Free digital solutions come along, it becomes a no-brainer to at least try them out. 

AesirX DMA is an enterprise-level Digital Marketing Automation platform As a Service (DMAaaS). It fully connects and integrates the marketing department to web, e-commerce, mail, social media, and any other channel, delivering maximum results and increasing return on investment.

As if it wasn’t enough to offer support for more channels than any other provider, AesirX DMA has an Open Source FREE PWA Frontend that is fully customizable.

AesirX DMA Features

Blog 1 img 3Get Free social media automation with AesirX DMA

The DMAaaS is offered for Free with reasonable limitations which are far less restricting than other popular SaaS / PaaS SoMe automation companies. 

For example, matching a package for 1 user to automate social media with Buffer costs $6 per channel per month. So if you want 10 social media channels it would cost $60 per month. Compare the same with Hootsuite and for 1 user and 10 channels, it will cost you $49 per month. Buffer will let you schedule up to 2000 posts, while Hootsuite gives unlimited scheduled posts. 

However, step in AesirX DMA. Download the free open-source Progressive Web Application (PWA), and for 1 user get unlimited social media channels and unlimited scheduling for Free (with 100 delivered posts per day)! 

There are an additional 3 tiers that are self-hosted/managed starting from only $49 per month as well as a fully hosted and managed Enterprise edition.

With AesirX DMA’s ‘Starter’ package ($49/month) you get all the following included for the same price as Hootsuite’s ‘Professional’ package (as above):

  • 5 users
  • Unlimited social media channels
  • Unlimited scheduling (with 250 delivered posts per day)
  • Aesir 1st-Party Data DXP (digital experience platform)
  • Mailchimp (marketing platform)
  • Medium (Publishing Platforms)
  • Tumblr (Publishing Platforms)
  • WordPress (CMS)
  • Joomla (CMS)
  • Drupal (CMS)

Compare AesirX DMA with Buffer and Hootsuite

So it might be a little like comparing apples and oranges, because Buffer and Hootsuite vary in their product offerings, and while nearly every business under the sun is on social media, not all of them use or need the same tools. 

However, by making a basic comparison, it’s very clear to see how AesirX DMA knocks it out of the park.

Blog 1 img 1

Blog 1 img 2Why pay for any of the 100+ other SaaS suppliers, when AesirX DMA offers more

Aesir Key Benefits

AesirX DMA saves you the time spent on planning and posting that is better spent on creating content.

  1. Time Saving
    Save up to 80% of work hours when creating and publishing high-quality content marketing.
  2. Cost Effective
    Save up to 80% on digital marketing expenses through customized channel integrations and automation.
  3. Dynamically Scale
    21+ Channels (SoMe, Mail, CMS, DXP, Ecommerce, Ads) supported + Full Canva integration and many more coming.
  4. Compliant Custom Solutions
    Fully customizable to any channel and fully GDPR compliant, privacy by design, local and global compliant data storage options. (enterprise edition).
  5. End-to-end Service
    Delivered as a fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS), including hosting, management, service, and 24/7 Support  (enterprise edition).
  6. Free Open Source PWA
    Free Open Source fully customizable Frontend + Delivered Automation Backend Services.

So right now is the time to implement martech solutions, invest in those technologies that save resources, and increase return on investment. And what better ROI than getting Free social media automation solutions that outshine the rest of the 100+ other SaaS suppliers. Have they had their day? We think so.

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