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Digital Marketing Automation as a Service (DMAaaS)

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AesirX DMA is our Open-Source, PWA-powered, enterprise-level Digital Marketing Automation as a Service (DMAaaS) Solution

It fully connects and integrates the marketing department into web, e-commerce, mail, social media, and any other channel delivering maximum results and increasing return on investment.

AesirX DMA fully integrates with the entire Aesir Solution Family and ensures that company staff only ever have to use the same optimized interface when working with digital marketing. This saves up to 80% of staff hours and up to 80% of the cost in enterprise-level organizations.

How it works

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Automate & Open Source your social media marketing for FREE!

AesirX - Digital Marketing Automation as a Service, will not only save you time and money spent on Digital Marketing by automating and optimizing the Staff Experience, but it also won’t cost you anything to automate your social media marketing.

AesirX DMA is based on a FREE Open-Source (FOSS) version of the Progressive Web Application (PWA), which enables any frontend capable agency, supplier, or staff from anywhere in the world to customize their very own user experience - and we offer Digital Marketing Automation as a Service (DMAaaS) for FREE.

Why pay money for 5 SoMe channels when we give you 9+ for free?

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AESIRX DMA saves you the time spent on planning and posting that is better spent on creating content. The fully integrative platform is the only one your staff will need when working with digital marketing.

Time saving

Cost effective

Dynamically scale

Compliant custom solutions

End to end service

Free open-source PWA

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logo img is simply indispensable. One of our clients tried to find another supplier and not a single system even came close to logo img. Their conclusion was clear - it's irreplaceable.

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Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen

Founder of AesirX

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How it works

Step 1: Download the Open Source PWA package which you can self deploy and host.
Step 2: Setup the configuration in the NPM installer and Customize as you wish.
Step 3: Ensure that you have an active account on with the domain name registered and the configuration correctly filled out, and then we will automate the entire delivery through our DMAaaS.
  Please Note: Only SoMe Channels are supported in the Free Open Source Software (FOSS) version. If you wish to add additional channel categories (e-commerce, DXP, CMS, mail, ads, etc.) or get access to our AsesirX Digital Asset Management as a Service (DAMaaS) you will need to have a valid active subscription.

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